User Manual

Outsiders Revolution

General Advice

Your Outsiders watch is sporting a Swiss automatic movement that winds up through motions of the wrist. Thus, manual winding is only necessary before first commissioning or if the watch hasn’t been in use for a longer period.

Please be aware that a mechanical movement is a complex mechanism and needs special care. Therefore, the timepiece needs to be serviced every 4 – 5 years.

Your Outsiders watch is water resistant, but we recommend checking the water resistance at your local jeweler on an annual basis.

Screw-in Crown System

The Outsiders Revolution has a screw-in crown to guarantee state-of-the-art tightness. To adjust the time and date or to wind up the watch, the crown needs to be unscrewed anti-clockwise. After unscrewing, the crown can be used to wind the watch up or to set the hands in different positions. Important: To guarantee the tightness of the watch, the crown needs to be screwed back in clockwise after every action. Be careful not to tilt the crown, as you could damage the thread.



1 – Hour hand
2 – Minute hand
3 – Second hand
4 – Date indication

Crown positions

A – Screwed in
B – Screwed out – Wind
C – Date indication quick adjustment
D – Adjust hands

Shock Resistance

Your Outsiders watch has advanced shock resistance. Nevertheless, you should avoid hard impacts to guarantee the proper function of the watch. In particular, violent shocks against the crown could damage the crown system and negatively affect the water resistance.

Saphire Front Crystal

The Outsiders Revolution has a high-quality sapphire front crystal. The glass consists of synthetic corundum and has a Moh‘s hardness of 9, which is only surpassed by diamonds. It is scratch resistant and almost unbreakable. The glass also features an anti-glare coating on the inside.

Water Resistance

A watch may be called water resistant if it is protected against splashing water, sweat and rain and will survive thirty minutes under one meter of water with no motion. These are the requirements met by all watches with the indication “water resistant” 3 ATM/30m or higher. As the water pressure and temperatures may vary while swimming or diving, these watches are technically water resistant but may not be suitable for such activities.

Watches are only resistant against intense moves under water with water resistance of 5 ATM/50m or higher. To be suitable for swimming, a watch needs a water resistance level of at least 5 ATM/50 meters. More details on the official ISO classifications can be found here.

The level of water resistance can change because of aging, abrasion or damage of the watch. We recommend checking the water resistance at a jeweler annually. The more and regularly a watch is maintained, the better is its tightness.


Outsiders watches are based on either a standard ETA 2824-2, Sellita SW200-1 or a STP 1-11 movement. According to the movement manufacturers’ specifications, the maximum daily deviation can be up to 30 seconds per day. As Outsiders follows even stricter internal rules, your watch is typically regulated to be within a deviation of up to 20 seconds.

Please be aware that since this is an automatic watch, accuracy on your wrist may vary slightly compared with our test results.

Adjusting Bracelet Length

Your watch is pre-configured with a standard size bracelet that fits the most common wrist size. If you need to shorten or extend the bracelet length, you can find extra links delivered with your watch. Any jeweler should be able to add or remove links for a small charge.